Biography: Kristina Cvrkalj

Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructor (2010)

About Kristina

I came to yoga with a weak, stiff, non-athletic body. In contrast, I’ve always been mentally strong and open-minded, so I approached yoga from this perspective. I practiced casually for years with various teachers in KW, until Asia filled in for my regular instructor and forced my weak core through a series of Sun Salutations. I wasn’t pleased during the class, but I felt fantastic afterwards – strong and limber – and couldn’t wait to take more Pranalife classes.

Since then, I’ve completed 120 hours of teacher training and plan to take the next Pranalife Module. My classes are firmly rooted in the Ashtanga Vinyasa style, with a focus on building strength and flexibility from a knowledge-based foundation. I love to teach and engage students, instead of simply instructing.

I believe we should push our personal boundaries in order to achieve results in each and every area of our lives - nothing worthwhile comes easily. I build my classes with this in mind, so come prepared to sweat, laugh, grow, and be great.

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